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Carbon Titanium 7PRC Winner

Anderson O.

Drawing Held 1/19/2024

What the Recorded Drawing

Hunt Details

The pinnacle species for any true hunter is the Alaska Brown Bear. These amazing animals can reach as big as 10' tall in this area of the Alaska Peninsula. The best time of year for an Alaska Brown Bear hunt is the Spring. They are coming out of hibernation, still half asleep they stumble around for days giving any hunter the advantage. As always, be prepared for weather from one extreme to another in Alaska. This Hunt Raffle includes a fully guided 10 day hunt, we'll cover the tip and fees for the tag and license. You just need to get yourself to King Salmon, AK (Alaska Airlines goes there twice a day from Anchorage). Then be ready to have a hunt of a lifetime.

Build Parts

The Gunsmith

Preece Precision

Preece Precision specializes in the construction of lightweight hunting rifles and PRS rifles, they have gained expertise in crafting firearms tailored for specific purposes.

In the realm of PRS and NRL competitions, the rifles crafted by Preece Precision have emerged victorious in some of the most prestigious matches and consistently secured top finishes.

Preece Precision