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Our Journey

Like most hunters, we entered hunting trip raffles through the years in hopes of winning some grand life-altering hunting trip to tell our kids about.

We started talking about them and how there really isn't any way to know what your actual odds are of winning these trips! Just like with our local state tags, it's basically a crap shoot. Our odds could be 1 in a 1,000 or 1 in 100,000... who knows!

So, we thought about what would be a hunting raffle we'd want to enter. We came up with a few points that we'd want it to have.

We couldn't find anyone running a program where they would publish the actual odds of winning or how many entries they were taking, so we said let's do it ourself!

Why we're different.

No Purchase Necessary

We won't force you to buy crap you don't want just to enter.

Quality Hunts

As avid hunters, we'll work with quality outfitters to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Know The Odds

We tell you the number of entries and keep them low to make the raffles fast and transparent.

Contact us

Have any questions or hunt suggestions you'd like to see? Let us know!

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