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Elite Hunt Club

Know Your Odds

About EHC

Our goal is to raffle awesome hunts and gear, partner with awesome guides while being as transparant as possible.

That means we will always keep the total entries low and you will always know your odds of winning.



Ultimate Spotting Scope Giveaway

To say 'Thanks' for all the support, we've partnered with Outdoorsmans to give away an incredible spotting scope package worth over $5k!! No purchase necessary!! Check it out before it closes!

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About Elite Hunt Club

There are a TON of different hunting sweepstake sites out there these days offering some really awesome hunts. But what makes Elite Hunting Club different?

Simply put, you always know your odds of winning.

We noticed on most all other sweepstake sites that you never know how many entries they've accepted so you never know really your odds of winning are. We didn't like this model. We wanted to give more transparency to this model and offer some really awesome hunts with great guides and let you know upfront what your odds of winning are.

About EHC