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Hunt for the largest land carnivore in North America on the legendary Unimak Island at the end of the Alaska Peninsula. One of the best opportunities in Alaska to harvest a true 10 + foot bear. It is not unusual to see 15 or more bears in a single day. Unimak Island is the first island in the Aleutian Island chain. This pristine wilderness is home to caribou, wolves and brown bear and a large concentration of migratory birds & marine mammals. Because of its remote location, this windswept island offers some of the best brown bear hunting in Alaska, both in opportunity & size of trophy animals.

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The Hunt

The pinnacle species for any true hunter is the Alaska Brown Bear. These amazing animals can reach as big as 10' tall in this area of the Alaska Peninsula. The best time of year for an Alaska Brown Bear hunt is the Spring. They are coming out of hibernation, still half asleep they stumble around for days giving any hunter the advantage. As always, be prepared for weather from one extreme to another in Alaska. This Hunt Raffle includes a fully guided 10 day hunt, we'll cover the tip and fees for the tag and license. You just need to get yourself to King Salmon, AK (Alaska Airlines goes there twice a day from Anchorage). Then be ready to have a hunt of a lifetime.

The Outfitter

You'll be hunting with King Guiding. Since the first generation, Marcellus King started guiding in the early 1960s, they have been a family-owned and operated guiding business, educating and leading each of their generations in flying, guiding, and appreciating the beautiful land they live in.

Memories of a lifetime start with safety. Accessing a remote area of Alaska begins by boarding a small plane. The moment you fasten your seatbelt you know who your pilot is–a King–a third or fourth generation pilot/guide who lives year round in Bristol Bay, flying the Alaska Peninsula for King Air Service year round. Their focus is providing the highest quality experience by ensuring your adventure has thoughtful preparation to meet your needs. Last but not least, we emphasize Leave No Trace so that your next trip will seem like your first.


The Hunt Includes

Know your odds.

Why Elite Hunting Club?

There are a TON of different hunting sweepstake sites out there these days offering some really awesome hunts. But what makes Elite Hunting Club different?

Simply put, you always know your odds of winning.

We noticed on most all other sweepstake sites that you never know how many entries they've accepted so you never know really your odds of winning are. We didn't like this model. We wanted to give more transparency to this model and offer some really awesome hunts with great guides and let you know upfront what your odds of winning are.