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2,000 Entries Total / $40,000 Value

2026 Alaska Moose Hunt

Bridger B.

Drawing Held 2/8/2024

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Hunt Details

This is for a 15-Day Hunt as a Federal Concessions hunt which means your guide, King Guiding Alaska, will be the only guide operating in this area. As a Federally Concession hunting area, few moose are harvested annually in order to maintain the trophy-sized moose in this area.

The hunt will take place in early fall when the moose are in-rut. You will be using a lot of cow calls, bull grunts and brush thrashing to bring the bulls in. There is nothing like hearing those bulls call back and come thrashing the brush to your call!

This raffle only has 2,000 entries available, so we anticipate it to sell out in under two days, so don’t sleep on this one and get your entries now.


This hunt raffle includes a 15-Day Hunt, Food & Lodging, License & Tags as well as a $6,000 guide tip.

The Guide

King Guiding Alaska

You'll be hunting with King Guiding. Since the first generation, Marcellus King started guiding in the early 1960s, they have been a family-owned and operated guiding business, educating and leading each of their generations in flying, guiding, and appreciating the beautiful land they live in.

King Guiding Alaska