Drawing will be held July 5th.


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Don't miss these odds.

Our mission at Elite Hunt Club is to offer incredible hunts with the best outfitters while providing the best odds. This hunt giveaway takes it to the next level by only making available 300 entries... total.

The Hunt

Kyler at Wingmaster Outfitting has set the standard for wolf guiding these last 7 years running a 64% success rate with a nearly 83% success rate in 2020. This sweepstakes will be for a 6-Day Baited Hunt where you and a buddy will use fully insulated heated blinds. The blinds can be as warm as you want them to be. Hunters on this baited hunt have killed 92 wolves as of Feb 28th, 2022.

Don't wait on this one... with only 300 entries, this sweepstakes will close fast. Don't miss your chance for a great hunt!

Only 300 entries available!

This one's going to go fast! With 3 entries, you'll have a 1 in 100 chance of winning this incredible hunt. Don't wait too long and miss this opportunity for an epic wolf hunt.

NOTE: By purchasing an entry, you agree to Elite Hunting Club's Terms and Conditions.

The Details

What's Included

Know your odds.

Why Elite Hunting Club?

There are a TON of different hunting sweepstake sites out there these days offering some really awesome hunts. But what makes Elite Hunting Club different?

Simply put, you always know your odds of winning.

We noticed on most all other sweepstake sites that you never know how many entries they've accepted so you never know really your odds of winning are. We didn't like this model. We wanted to give more transparency to this model and offer some really awesome hunts with great guides and let you know upfront what your odds of winning are.

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