Custom Built 300PRC Rifle

ONLY 500 ENTRIES // $9,000 VALUE


Drawing will be live Oct 26th at 10AM (Alaska Daylight Time)

Rifle Sweepstakes for Sophie

All proceeds going toward Sophie Marie Burrows

3 month old Sophie Marie Burrows was recently diagnosed with a rare liver condition called Bilary Atresia. Roughly 1 in 15,000 children suffer from this disorder that begins in infancy. From birth, or soon after, the ducts which are designed to carry bile from with the liver down to the gall bladder and small intestine become inflamed or blocked. This bile then backs up into the liver and causes scarring and damage.

Sophie has recently undergone emergency surgery to remove her gall bladder and her small intestine was cut and attached to the bottom of her liver. Her liver is in very poor condition because of the backed-up toxins and will eventually require a liver transplant.

Funds raised will be used for:

• Offsetting this initial first wave of medical costs that Medi-Share doesn’t cover.

• Ongoing medicines to help her liver continue to function until the transplant.

• Housing and food while in Anchorage for these couple of weeks.

• Flights between Anchorage and Port Alsworth for medical testing that will be done in the coming months.

• Likely trip to Washington in the coming weeks for an outpatient visit with Seattle Children’s Hospital to get an initial assessment from them.

All proceeds going toward Sophie Marie Burrows

About Sophie


Drawing will be held Oct 26th at 10AM (Alaska Daylight Time)

The Rifle

Now is your chance to win a custom built ultimate hunting rifle. From an Alaska sheep hunt on horseback to a mule deer hunt in the Rockies or a Yukon moose hunt this gun will do the job. Custom load data included with 50 rounds of ammo has this thing dialed in to be a shooter. All proceeds will go towards Jon Burrows daughter for medical expenses related to her liver transplant. The rifle will be transferred to a local FFL for background check and paperwork to be completed by the winner


Drawing will be held Oct 26th at 10AM (Alaska Daylight Time)

All proceeds going toward Sophie Marie Burrows