Elite Hunt Club is excited to be partnering with Kifaru to give away not only an EPIC Alaskan Dall Sheep hunt worth over $38,000, but give out some awesome gear along the way!

• Only 2,500 Entries Available!

• $38,000 Value!

• Always Know Your Odds!

10 Entries = 1 in 250 Odds!

The hunt.

Ever dreamed of tracking trophy dall sheep in the mountains of Alaska? Well now is your chance! We’re giving away a $38,000 Trophy Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska THIS FALL with our good friends over at Midnight Sun Safaris and all it takes is ONE ORDER! We've capped out the total entries to 2,500 so as soon as we hit that number, we'll be drawing the winner!

What are you waiting for? Get to it and let’s send you out on an unforgettable hunt this Fall!

The gear.

The next 500 entries will also be entered to win a Kifaru Hydro Harness ($115 value). Of course we do it EHC style where you will always know your odds, even for the Kifaru giveaway!

10 Entries = 1 in 50 chances of winning!

When you purchase an entry for the Dall Sheep Hunt, not only are you entering for the hunt, but you'll also be entered to win the Hydro Harness. There are ONLY 500 entries available for this Hydro Harness, so don't miss your chance!

Only 2,500 entries available!

That's right! Once we hit 2,500 entires, we'll draw the winner. We believe that there should be transparency in these drawings so even the person who purchases just one entry has a real chance of winning.

NOTE: By purchasing an entry, you agree to Elite Hunting Club's Terms and Conditions.

The details.

What's included.

Know your odds.

Why Elite Hunting Club?

There are a TON of different hunting sweepstake sites out there these days offering some really awesome hunts. But what makes Elite Hunting Club different?

Simply put, you always know your odds of winning.

We noticed on most all other sweepstake sites that you never know how many entries they've accepted so you never know really your odds of winning are. We didn't like this model. We wanted to give more transparency to this model and offer some really awesome hunts with great guides and let you know upfront what your odds of winning are.